Active Bystander Training

Bystanders can and do save lives when they step forward to help.

The overall goal of becoming an Active Bystander is to strengthen the role and ability of persons to save lives by taking a few, specific helping actions when at the scene of an unexpected emergency.
Learn how to:
  • Respond to a manmade disaster, natural disaster, or any other life-threatening emergency.
  • Provide basic initial care and other assistance to supervisors prior to the arrival of uniformed emergency responders. This includes learning how to help someone who is:
    • Bleeding;
    • has a blocked airway;
    • not breathing;
    • has a burn;
    • has hyperthermia;
    • is drowning.
  • Offer support and comfort to individuals harmed by the emergency.
  • Convey information and collaborate with emergency responders.
  • Identify additional training, tools and other resources to enhance their response skills.

Additional Information:

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